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Clark Cooper

Clark Cooper is a manufacturer of solenoid valve products who offers personal solutions not just standard product lines.

There are many valve manufacturers who make "off the shelf" solenoid valve products. They may even offer a variety of metals and optional components for industrial applications. But as corrosive chemicals, abrasive materials, temperature extremes and high pressures begin to disqualify standard product lines and producers, finding a suitable product and willing vendor becomes a sourcing challenge. Today, engineers, researchers, maintenance departments, purchasing managers, and others involved in identifying solenoid valve solutions have to go through a variety of channels. When you’re really good at something the word gets around. In our case our good name has been around since 1914. You choose a Clark Cooper valve to solve a difficult problem, increase your process performance or develop something others said was impossible. Next time, when a common general service solenoid valve does not meet your requirements, turn to Clark Cooper first! We take pride in meeting specialized valve requirements for industry, research, transportation, energy and exploration.

Knop 1 (NL)

Knop 2 (NL)