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Research & Development – Prototyping

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LDA is renowned for partnering with its customers to develop innovative solutions for their applications. As such, LDA is also an excellent partner for R&D departments or prototyping companies. Not only do we offer innovative products, developed with the latest technologies in mind, but LDA is also able to change their existing products on demand of the customer, or even develop specific new products together with the manufacturer, even for very small quantities.

We only partner with manufacturers that are constantly innovating, developing cutting edge products, and are willing to think together with the customer for new solutions.
LDA’s role in this is much more than a normal distribution company. Our in house technical knowledge and solution focus makes us into a real partner for both the customer and manufacturer, who can rely on LDA to translate the issues at the customer into technical specifications for adaptations at the manufacturer.

A small example of the offering we have at LDA which can be very beneficial for R&D departments and prototyping companies:

Bullet valves: small, versatile pneumatic or liquid valves which are renowned for their speed and accuracy. Suited for sorting, micro dosing and a variety of other applications, these valves are rarely standard. Instead, they get modified to suit the application of the customer perfectly. And this, we do even for 1 valve.

Videos : Bullet valve & microdosing


Tolomatic electrical cylinders: Rod style or rodless, high speed or force up to 140 kN, we can deliver them, and combinations of the above. Using your own motors?
Our “your motor here!” concept lets you use whatever motor you want. Need even higher forces in electrical actuators? We have just partnered with a European company that develops these.

For more information donwload the document here

SMAC moving coil actuators: you won’t believe it until you’ve seen it! The accuracy and speeds these actuators can achieve are simply out of this world.
Ask us for details and we’ll be happy to send our product specialist!

Video: Smac

For more information download the catalog here 

Molex: complete connectivity solutions. We can help you configure the right cabling and connectivity network setup, and deliver it as a complete solution.
Using a specific protocol? No problem, we adapt our solution to your protocol!

Fore more information download the catalog here

The bottom line is, if you are working on innovative machines, newest generations of machines, want to have a technological leap over your competition, … come and talk to LDA. You bring the idea; we work with you to find the solutions you need to get to the final product.

LDA, solutions for life

LDA specializes for over 50 years in industrial automation and offers customers a wide range of products. LDA is recognized as a specialist provider of pneumatics, shock absorption, vibration isolation and gas springs in Belgium and Luxembourg. With the years, we developed a significant technical expertise and our engineers support our customers to find the solutions that correspond with their needs. For more information on our products, check out our technical catalog.

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