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Facility Management

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If you work in facility management, then this industry snapshot might interest you. Several new products have appeared at LDA in recent years. Amongst these new products, you will find brands as PBC, Thermatron, EMC and many others which are used in facility management and are mostly available from stock.

Below, a list of products which are indispensable in the environment of facility management:

Facility management


OPAP anti-pollution stoppers are permanently fitted in storm water and sewerage lines, ready for rapid inflation by manual or remote triggering as soon as an emergency arises in industrial, civil and municipal applications.

ORJ removable stoppers are there to plug pipes for maintenance, to temporarily block the runoff of certain substances (e.g. during the cleaning process), or to test pipes for leaks under pressure. We also offer a complete set, delivered in a portable, sturdy box. This set contains removable stoppers of different dimensions, as well for straight pipes as for corners and is especially suited for facility maintenance staff.

Thermatron insulation is an insulation system for your valves, pipes and other systems within your company. This insulation offers less loss of heat and cold, for difficult to insulate valves, and is easily removable for maintenance thanks to hooks and loops strips.

When it comes to fire protection, Landon Kingsway offers free fall fire valves and Fenwal “Detect a fire” sensors are also available at LDA.

EMC fluid valves are suitable for wastewater systems in large buildings. You can have a look at our EMC fluid valve catalogue for more information. 

We have T Race rails and PBC linear guidance systems on stock for showrooms and other applications where heavy material needs to be linear moved.

You can find Enidine shock absorbers in logistical applications. There are for example rubber stops and shock absorbers for trucks, overhead cranes or other types of cranes. Enidine is the brand you need!

LDA gas springs are available and compatible for all types of hatches and doors. LDA calculates precisely which gas spring is needed and provides the placement drawings.

Euroswitch is specialized in pressure and vacuum switches, temperature switches and level switches. Euroswitch level switches are used in tanks with all kinds of liquids (fuel, water, etc.). You will find our pressure, temperature and level switches in HVAC installations

Firestone air springs isolate vibrations of machines. If your building suffers from vibrations caused by your machines, Firestone is the answer. Also, Enidine wire ropes are particularly suitable for vibration isolation in harsh environments!

LDA, solutions for life   

LDA specializes for over 55 years in industrial automation. LDA provides a wide range of products for Pneumatics, electro-mechanical automation, shock absorption, vibration isolation, industrial connection and networking systems in Belgium and Luxembourg.  LDA is specialized in niche markets and has the technical expertise to support our customers to excel in their domain, please check out our technical catalogue.

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