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Automotive wheels and rims, small engine blocks and barrels, crated product or material - what heavy items do you want to carry with a gripper? LDA has the answer with our Series GRR grippers from PHD. Available in four standard jaw travels, (150, 200, 250 and 300 mm), these robust actuators still perform with precision in the most demanding applications.

Trademarked the Guardian®, the Series GRR features the ability to operate jaws in synchronized, non-synchronized, and independently powered modes. Its three large diameter jaw guides provide extremely stable jaw travel and high moment capacities.

Yet the GRR's compact design yields the lightest overall weight of all its nearest competitors .

Additional options include PHD's Rodlok system which holds the jaws in a stationary position in the event of air pressure loss. An analog output sensor option continuously monitors jaw position. Proximity switches are also available for discreet position sensing.

Check out PHD's gripper page to learn more about the Series GRR and other quality grippers from PHD.

GRR Gripper

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