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PHD: GRH Parallel Pneumatic Grippers

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Traditional long-travel grippers are usually very large, heavy, and provide excessive force. For applications that grip delicate parts but require long jaw travel, PHD has designed a lightweight gripper that features a small profile design and low breakaway friction.

PHD's Series GRH Parallel Pneumatic Gripper provides long jaw travel to allow for gripping of multiple-sized parts with no (or less) tooling changes, as well as improved tooling clearance in encapsulating complex tooling or part designs. Low breakaway friction allows tooling to move smoothly into contact with the work piece, preventing marring or crushing of fragile or easily deformed parts.

The Series GRH's lighter weight and smaller profile over traditional long travel grippers help reduce robot payloads and keep center of gravity low, allowing robotic integrators the ability to maximize their tooling while optimizing robot size and flexibility.

Check out PHD's gripper page to learn more about the Series GRH and other quality grippers from PHD.


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