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Thermatron industrial insulation systems

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Thermatron provides insulation systems for your industrial valves, tubing and other industrial systems.

In the past, it wasn’t always easy to insulate those last components of your heating or cooling circuit. But thanks to Thermatron, this is in the past! The insulation system of Thermatron offers:

•  An improved process control and efficiency
•  Energy savings on your heating and cooling circuits that also lead to less CO2 exhaust, which is better for the environment
•  An improved protection for your staff, because the last cold or hot surfaces are insulated, and accidents can be avoided
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Dynamic and flexible

Because the Thermatron insulation is flexible and easy to install and remove, less time is necessary to manipulate the insulation, which leads to less maintenance costs. Thermatron uses an innovative technology in the field of industrial insulation, making it easy to insulate all kinds of applications, and giving you the opportunity to switch from non-removable systems to Thermatron flexible insulation.


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Save costs while investing in a higher safety!

Your investment in Thermatron insulation is typically paid back within 12 months because of the lower energy usage. The various types of insulation blankets use the latest in insulation technology, and are suitable for the different temperature ranges.

Not only will you save costs, but Thermatron insulation also reduces the exhaust of CO2, and creates an extra safety against corrosion, as such prolonging the lifespan of your installation.

Thermatron insulation also helps improving the work environment for your staff by lowering the temperature in maintenance rooms of heating installations and in confined spaces. This is not only better for your staff, but also for other equipment that is placed close to your heating equipment.

Materials and the manufacturing process

The materials that are used for Thermatron insulation are selected according to the different needs of the industries and applications in which they will be used. As such, Thermatron can guarantee a very effective isolation, adapted to the different work environments.

Because of the Velcro fasteners and rope fasteners, Thermatron insulation is easily reusable. As required in some industries, Thermatron insulation is also washable, because of the use of technical coatings.

Personalised products

Next to standard products, Thermatron can make specific insulation equipment at the request of the customer. Possible adaptations are:

•  Different materials
•  Different colours
•  Identification stickers with:
* Product references
* Customer contact information
* Production dates
* Other data such as material references


Have a question for our specialists? Call +32 (0)2-266 13 13 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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