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LDA Quality Gas Springs

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A gas spring for all your needs

No matter the type of gas spring that is needed, LDA will be able to provide it. We have gas springs for lifting, compressing, in stainless steel or for heavy duty applications. Gas springs are available that can stop in any position, lock into end positions, or have multiple stroke sections. Small or large, with stroke lengths varying from 20mm to over 1 meter, rod diameters from 3mm to 30mm and forces from 10N up to 10.000N, most of them are available from stock as well as the end fittings and mounting brackets.

One stop solution
At LDA, you will find expert help in determining the perfect gas spring for your application, a large stock and short delivery times, and technical instructions on the installation, freely available on our product website. We can even replicate your old gas springs if you can provide an example or technical specifications.

Flexibility is key
Due to our central location and our large stock next to Brussels, we deliver within one day in Belgium and Luxembourg and 2 days for Europe. It is also possible for our customers to pick up the gas springs at LDA. Numerous payment methods are available e.g. debit or credit cards.



     Types of gas springs 

       •  Lift gas springs

       •  Traction gas springs

       •  Stainless steel gas springs

       •  Stop lift gas springs

       •  STEP-STOP gas springs

       •  Lift & Lock gas springs

       •  Blocklift gas springs

       • Gas springs for heavy duty applications 

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Product Information


Quality gas springs for long-lasting solutions 
All of our gas springs are of a high quality, produced through controlled, modern production processes. Continuous testing ensures the reliability,
long life and product safety of our gas springs. This is why LDA is recognized as the number one partner for industrial gas springs in Belgium.

Feel welcome, every time

The LDA team is open for all your questions concerning gas springs, and will not hesitate to help you with your calculations in order
to find the perfect gas spring for you. Our multilingual sales team will help you in your language and will do all the necessary for a smooth handling of your order.




Do you want to be informed by our specialists please call +32 (0)2-266 13 13 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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