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MAC Pulse valve - dust collector

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For over 60 years, MAC VALVES has been developing innovative industrial solutions. These solutions have the advantage of optimizing the operation of machines and increasing their efficiency.

Based on this experience, MAC VALVES has recently released a product range of innovative pulse valves for dust collectors and scrubbers. These valves are developed to replace the diaphragm valves that are used on the filters without changes to your installation.

The PV series from MAC VALVES is equipped with a bonded spool which allows the valve to operate in contaminated environments. With the bonded spool, the pulse valve has a life up to 10 times the lifetime of a diaphragm valve. The use of bonded spool instead of a membrane results in faster switching of the valves, higher impact forces and a better cleaning of the dust collector.

These valves are available with direct mounted solenoid or remote. For dust collectors that are susceptible to high temperatures, MAC VALVES has a high temperature spool, resistant to temperatures up to 110°C.  

Avantage Mac   MAC Advantages

- D-Seal Technology -> Isolates Solenoid > Longer Life  
- 4 Way Pilot -> Maximized Shifting Forces        
- Lifting Solenoid -> Consistent Response          
- Dynamic Bonded Rubber Spool -> Balanced wipping action     
- Adapter Plate -> Drop-in Replacement to existing base Competition design

 - Contaminated Air Passes Through Unbalanced Solenoid -> Sticking & Burnout 
- Small Fixed Orifice -> Blocked By Contaminants          
- Diaphragm Ruptures -> Air Leaks  



Mac Spool Design 

- Bonded Spool = Longer Life ( + 10 000 000 cycles)             
- Wiping Action = Self Cleaning 
- Balanced Design = Repeatable Purges           
- Precision Ground Spool = Air savings    


Diaphragm Design

- Ruptured Diaphragms = Short Life      
- Frequent Routine Maintenance = High Cost of Ownership        
- Unbalanced Diaphragm = Inconsistent Pulses
- Cracking and Leaking = Wasted Air

 Diaphragm design




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