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Molex industrial cables & connectors

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 Electricity is a major, yet often not too visible cost of each production or logistics company. Production or logistics companies often have kilometers of cables, and more connectors than they could imagine. Making sure that the electricity is harnessed well, and economically used can therefore be a major cost saver.



Molex: Quality cables for quality savings on electricity
Electricity loss, signal interference, rapid wear of cables, breakdowns of machines, frequent standstill of machines for maintenance, ... Cables and connectors play a large role in hidden costs in industrial environments.

Molex focusses on high quality cables and connectors, offering only the best quality to their customers. Their strategy of constant improvement is why Molex is able to launch new, better products at a very high rate.

•  WSOR (weld slag oil resistant) cables

The fastest, easiest and most secure connection with the Ultra-Lock system

Washdown connectors and cables

These products are the reason why Molex can help you reduce energy, maintenance and breakdowns.

Product Information

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UltralockRecht10   Ultra-Lock

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Industry specific products

Molex offers connectors and cables for specific applications and industries (such as the food and beverages industry), and can choose out of a vast product range to satisfy your exact needs. 


Electronics in production – the new standard.
Electronics are invading every part of the industry, certainly in production and logistics. Molex has understood this early on and has spent much of their time in developing cables capable to get an electronic signal through the direst circumstances. The possibility even exists to send an electric current and an electronic signal through the same cable!

LDA: your expert partner
With experience of more than 50 years, LDA is perfectly suited to assist you in all your queries and challenges concerning Molex products. Our Sales Engineers are continually trained and are available to visit you to discuss your application. Want to know how Molex can benefit your application? Give us a call at +32 2 266 13 13, or mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..<;br />

New: LDAdirect!
LDA will launch a webshop in the course of May 2014, LDAdirect! Molex standard DIN connectors will be immediately available on LDAdirect, with more connectors and cables to come in the next months! Check it out!


If you want to be informed by our specialists, please call +32 (0)2-266 13 13 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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