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Architecture & construction: gas springs and electrical cylinders

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New offices, apartments or houses are often outfitted with either electrically automated or gas spring assisted doors, hatches or window shades. The new automation trends in the field of vertical blinds and sun visors, means that these are often fitted with gas springs or electric actuators in order to automate the opening and closing of these applications.

At LDA, you will find specialists who can help you to find the correct electric cylinders or gas springs, best suited for your application. We take time to advise you and to present different possibilities that meet your needs.

1.    Electric cylinders

The characteristics of an electric cylinder

Electric cylinders offer many advantages and are an economic, environmental-friendly alternative. 

An electric cylinder operates with a motor pulse and facilitates the lifting of heavy loads with a screw system. 
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The advantages of the electric cylinders 

Easy to use, they can either be  controlled with a switch or a PLC  Easy to implement 
Their robustness, high rigidity and reliability in the domestic sphere While they have a low energy consumption
Electric cylinders have a fast reaction time Our electric cylinders are able to cope with dust and water
They can be programmed by domotics software There is no need to exercise a manuel force to start the opening

Electric cylinders available at LDA

The Thomson range has easy to use, practical electrical cylinders for a sharp price. For example, the Thomson Electrak 5 has a force of 6800N in 220VAC/50HZ, and the new Electrak HD has a force up to 10.000N.

Off course, LDA also offers cylinders that can be adapted for specific, more demanding applications.

      • With stem: TOLOMATIC, PHD, Bimba and Gimatic have a several rod cylinders ranges.
     • Without stem: TOLOMATIC and PHD both also have a range of rodles cylinders.

2.    Gas spring

The advantages of gas springs

Price Easy to install
High flexibility Easy to use Requires no power
Compact Different lengths and strengths on stock LDA 
Autonomous system

Characteristics of gas springs

Gas springs are used in many lifting (or compression) applications, where they assist and support a manual movement. The best example is their use in car trunks or sunbed. LDA’s product range offers a wide variety of forces, lengths and fixation possibilities.


Gas spring available at LDA

LDA can provide any type of gas spring, suited to your needs. We have gas springs for lifting applications, compression, in stainless steel or for heavy industrial applications. Our gas springs can be blocked in the final position or at many points during the stroke. Small or long, with a stroke from 20mm to more than 1 meter, a piston diameter of 3mm to 30mm and a force of 10N to more than 10.000N, LDA has them. Most of our gas springs are available in stock, as are the accessories.

• Lift gas springs

• Traction gas springs

• Stainlees steel gas springs

• STOP LIFT gas springs

• STEP STOP gas springs

• Lift & Lock gas springs

• Blocklift gas springs

Gas spring for heavy duty applications 
 Photo vrin



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