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Food and Beverages: Molex stainless steel connectivity products

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Molex – Stainless steel connectivity and communication products 

Around the world and in Europe, food and beverage production remains regionally focused. Leading brands project double-digit sales growth with a plethora of new products that will reach grocer's shelves this year. From the beginning to the end of the line and every process in between, Molex has turnkey solutions with an unrivaled suite of proven products.

Pioneering the industry

As pioneers in this industry, Brad® connectivity products for processing and conveyer systems have gained industry acclaim. These products, linked to Molex communications cards, provide food and beverage customers with the competitive edge they are looking for to increase quality, productivity, yield and system uptime while lowering operating costs. The future is mighty tasty and LDA, your Molex distributor, is ready to help you savor it.

Distribution box EN 150

Stainless steel cordsets EN 150

Stainless steel grips EN 150

Network interface cards EN 150


Distribution Box

Frequent, high pressure, steam cleaning with caustic chemicals can wreak havoc on electrical sensors and other devices. The Brad® stainless steel distribution box is encapsulated in a smooth, corrosive resistant surface that diminishes the potential for bacterial growth. Featuring M12 compatible Ultra-Lock® connectors, the distribution box is IP69K rated to withstand wash-downs up to 103 bar.

Stainless Steel Cordsets

Molex's patented Ultra-Lock® push-to-lock technology provides a reliable operator-independent connection and allows for a quicker installation time than standard M12 solutions. Ultra-Lock® cordsets are designed to eliminate connector-related failures in the harshest environments including vibration and mechanical shock that lead to intermittent signals, false data and improper sequencing causing downtime on a production line.

Stainless Steel Grips

Woodhead® heavy-duty cord grips offer strain relief for optimal performance for both standard and wet-location environments to ensure maximum life.Communications Strain Relief Cord-Sealing Grips offer a high quality, stainless steel solution for axial and non-axial integrity and abrasion resistance. Choose from a wide range of products available with or without wire mesh.


Network Interface Cards

High performance Brad® network interface cards (NIC's) improve communication speed and increase throughput along the entire production line from front-end batching to downstream dispensing and packaging. These cards are fully compatible with Rockwell Automation* products as well as a wide variety of third party field devices. Choose conformal-coated versions for added protection in humid and caustic chemical environments.

* Rockwell Automation is a registered trademark of Rockwell Automation, Inc


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