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Food Truck : LDA gas springs and Firestone air springs

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The food truck concept – originally from the USA – is finding its way in Europe. LDA supplies gas springs, which are used as a support to open the various panels of the trucks. Easy to install and use, gas springs are usually the best solution as assistance in opening and closing doors, windows but also used in various applications where guidance and support is necessary to open and close panels in a comfortable and safe way.  Need to find a certain type of gas spring? LDA can supply gas springs based on technical drawings, samples of the gas spring that has to be replaced or a simple picture of the sticker.

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In the food trucks, there are appliances such as professional coffee machines, ovens and metallic tables for food. To avoid shocks during the travel, the appliances can be equipped with Firestone air springs. Firestone developed the air spring in the late 1930's as a more efficient spring (vibration isolator) for use in vehicle suspensions. These solutions then spread into the industrial market.

Air springs are perfectly suited for vibration isolation. They require no maintenance or lubrication, and boast a very long lifetime.

Firestone Industrial Products Company (FSIP) specializes in air spring manufacturing and technology with a history of more than 80 years of research and development of technologically advanced air springs. The purpose of Firestone Industrial Products is to address the global growth of air suspensions, and further our commitment to our customers with the world's broadest air spring product.

   The advantages :

  • Suitcase for various vibration frequencies by adjusting the pressure of the air spring.
  • Silent, especially in comparaison to metal springs
  • Require n olubrification or maintenance except for occasionally verifying the pressure
  • Very long lifetime

  A gaz spring for all your machines :

 We have differents gaz springs:

For lifting / Compressing / In stainless steel / For heavy duty applications

This gas springs are adaptable for food trucks but also for machinery in the restoration.

Gas springs are available that can stop in any position, lock into end positions, or have multiple stroke sections. Small or large, with stroke lengths varying from 20mm to over 1 meter, rod diameters from 3mm to 30mm and forces from 10N up to 10.000N, most of them are available from stock as well as the end fittings and mounting brackets.

Different types of gas springs

LIFT gas spring    Stainless steel gas springs  STEP-STOP gas springs   Traction gas springs    
Stop lift gas springs  Lift & Lock gas springs Blocklift gas springs Gas springs for heavy duty applications                                                   

LDA, solutions for life

LDA specializes for over 50 years in industrial automation and offers customers a wide range of products. LDA is recognized as a specialist provider of pneumatics, shock absorption, vibration isolation and gas springs in Belgium and Luxembourg. With the years, we developed a significant technical expertise and our engineers support our customers to find the solutions that correspond with their needs. For more information on our products, check out our technical catalog.


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