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FERRY double rotor AIR Motors

Unlike other conventional products, FERRY products utilize air instead of electricity as the source of power; thus, it eliminates the chance of electricity shock and fire which are the most crucial factors for industries involved in chemical, flammable or volatile contents. FERRY Air Motors are engineered to meet the highest standard featuring 100% Explosion-proof, low air consumption, light weight, high torque, reversible step less speed control, easy maintenance, and various mounting method. It may also be applied in harsh working condition such as humid and high temperature. Engineering safety factor and material selection are taken into account seriously upon design and manufacturing to produce the most safe and reliable equipment.

Ferry's double rotor air motors give the best performances at competitive prices on the present market.

Tough, compact and versatile, our Air motors can be specified for almost any environment, offering torque from 0,6 to more than 110.000 Nm (with gearbox).

A quarter of the weight and just a sixth of the size of an electric motor of the same output, air motors offer exceptional power to weight ratios.

Knop 1 (EN)

Knop 3 (EN)